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What do we provide for our clients?

Return on Investment > Read More

We work round the clock to ensure that all our clients receive a high value return on investment. We get to know your industry so we can advise on new effective ways to attract new visitors. We have many effective e-marketing strategies up our sleeves and have some great ideas for every industry.

We generate a lot of new business through recommendations so we make it our mission to ensure all clients are getting such a good service that they are happy to recommend us to friends.

Monthly Reports > Read More

Each month we'll provide you with an in-depth report showing current rankings, traffic, referrals, conversions and completed goals. We will have a chat with you to discuss changes to your traffic and advise on any weak points in the website which could be strengthened. We will also advise on what we plan to do next to drive the next wave of traffic your way!

No "Black-Hat" Techniques > Read More

We do not engage in any "Black-Hat" SEO methods. You're website will be optimised and promoted properly ensuring future safety throughout large search engine updates (Penguin - Read More)

References Available > Read More

Don't just take our word for it! We'd be happy to provide you with a list of customers who are happy to pass on their experiences with us! You can call or email them directly to see exactly what value they got from our service. We are very proud of our customer relationships and regular positive feedback. You can view some of our recent case studies in our portfolio.

Excellent Customer Support > Read More

We like to keep in touch with our clients to regularly review and improve their campaign. You will receive a dedicated account manager easily contactable via phone, skype and email. We work along side you, meaning we want you to be able to get in touch as and when you need us.

Initial Work Required For Every Customer

Analytics Setup > Read More

Website statistics are the best way to see the full potential of your website and Google Analytics is the best of the bunch, we will integrate this into your website. They show everything from the number of visitors you have, to what they did when they got there, how long they stayed on the site for and where they came from. But we don't just provide you with a list of numbers and leave you to it. We help you to understand the numbers, identify goals and set up new reports so you can see when a visitor makes a purchase, signs up to your newsletter or uses your contact form, helping you to identify an accurate cost per conversion (ask us more about how this works!). To sum things up web stats are an invaluable way to keep on top of what is happening with your website at all times and fine-tune it to increase sales and leads.

Initial Website Report > Read More

The first step for all new clients is to provide a thorough website report. This will highlight strong and weak points within your website and give you a benchmark to see how your site improves over the coming months with us. We'll also provide you with a ranking report that will demonstrate where your website currently ranks across major search engines such as Google. This is an invaluable report that will help us to set the first set of goals for your new campaign.

Keyword Research > Read More

Keyword research is often overlooked and vastly under-rated. Optimising for the right keywords is essential to maximise your website performance in the search engines. Common terminology used within the industry may not be terms your customers are familiar with, you will usually discover your customers all use a range of different search terms to essentially find the same product or service. We will identify what your customers are actually searching for and ensure you have the right content to steer them toward your website.

Some keyword searches are really popular and receive millions of searches per month, such as "CDs". Keywords like this are high-competition and require a longer time and more effort to climb to the top of the listings. How useful would those visitors really be? For example if your website only sells Indie music and specialises in british bands then one visitor searching for "Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare" which you had in stock would be much more likely to convert into a sale than ten people searching for "CDs". Not only is it a product you have but the search also gives us a clue that the customer already knows what they are looking for. That is a targetted customer and the more of them we can attract the higher your conversion rates will be.

Robots.txt Optimisation > Read More

Certain areas of your website are of no use to the search engines at all. We'll limit these pages so that visitors can view them, but search engines can not. We can also optimise outgoing links to give clues to Google which pages are most important to the website.

.XML Sitemaps > Read More

Google and the other major search engines use "Web Spiders" to crawl your website and index pages that they feel are useful for their visitors. We can aid these spiders to find and index important pages by creating an .XML sitemap. We'll make a full sweep of your website, identifying all the key pages and include them in your sitemap, then we'll submit it to the search engines for you.

Ongoing Work Required Per Month

Website Optimisation > Read More

Search Engine Optimisation starts with your website. We can fine tune your website to allow the search engines to easily identify that your website is relevant and important to your potential audience and industry. It's vital that we spend a considerable amount of time and effort making sure this page is perfect, starting with your home page.

We make a point of optimising the following:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Page Names
  • Image Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Full Content Optimisation
  • Bold and Header Text

A core part of this process is optimising your website for "Keyword Density". Mention your chosen keywords too many times and you run the risk of being penalised for keyword spamming. Mention it too little and the search engines will struggle to understand what your website is all about. We'll deal with all of this for you, producing an outcome that suits all the major search engines yet keeps content relevant and informative to your visitors.

One Way Link Building (SuperLinks™) > Read More

Our unique blend of SuperLinks™ will supercharge your online marketing campaign. Our sites don't just move up the rankings, they soar! Each month, in-house software will help you to scour the web building quality one-way links to your website. The aim is to get you a big boost up the rankings and keep you there, something your competitors might not be all too happy about. SuperLinks™ offer long-term benefits to your online presence.

Content Creation > Read More

When it comes to search engine optimisation, content creation has always been the best way forward. Quality content has always played a role in determining your organic site rankings. The Search Engines primary goal is to deliver the best and most relevant results for any given search term, so if you've got some of the best content you're in with a great chance of topping the list.

Our team of experts know exactly how to implement content correctly and provide the information that your potential customers are looking for. We'll help you build a network of quality content that people want to link to for all the right reasons. Natural backlinks to quality content = increased search engine performance.

Social Media Optimisation > Read More

Over the past few years, social media has exploded. Consumers now have the power to discuss your products and services in real time and the search engines are extremely interested. Creating a positive "social buzz" for your website will have a positive effect on your rankings and traffic - it really helps your reputation too. When a certain type of customer is about to make a purchase from a company they've never dealt with before they will often look for reviews and feedback on that company before doing so. It works with product reviews too! This is becoming more popular as people are becoming more internet savvy so it certainly helps to keep up with the ever changing trends. Social media has many benefits and if you're not using it you'll get left behind.

Building Authority > Read More

Running alongside our SuperLinks™, our "Build an Authority" service makes up part of our unique and effective service. Being an authority within your industry is a great way of increasing your search engine rankings and traffic.

A "Build an Authority" campaign is by no means an overnight solution, however it's unique. Not many webmasters understand the principals involved so it's massively underleveraged by most websites. We can't go into too much detail here but make sure you get in touch to learn more! This secret technique will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Email Marketing Optimisation > Read More

Search engine optimisation is our "forte" but we have many other tricks up our sleeves. We can also help you get your email marketing campaign up and running as this can offer you a great advantage in attracting repeat business. If you currently have an active email marketing campaign, we'll help you optimise to make it more efficient and allow you to monitor how well it's performing.

What assurances can you give?

How long does it take to get results? > Read More

If you want overnight visitors we can setup a Google Ads campaign to get instant results and start monitoring the new traffic! Organic rankings require a little more patience as if you're starting from scratch you will likely have a bit of catching up to do. We are confident you will see some positive changes within the first 4-12 weeks as our thorough initial optimisation phase kicks in.

No company can guarentee number one listings and as they don't own Google which is ever-changing. Certain low competition phrases are easier to get top listings on but it always depends on the website and the amount of compeition you are facing. That being said we often acheive top listings for our long-term clients and once they are up there, there's usually little movement due to our effective long-term tactics. Search Engine Optimisation is a time sensitive campaign but we are very good at it.

Page 1 listings vary massively on the keywords you choose. Highly competitive keywords are going to take more time and effort than easier local terms. I.E - "Boiler Repair Manchester" will be much easier and more targetted than "Boiler Repair".

We are as upfront with all our clients as possible. If you have questions about your particular industry and website ask us and I'm sure you will be impressed with what we can offer.

Can you make any promises? > Read More

  • We WILL show you positive results within 4-12 weeks of joining us.
  • We WILL keep you up to date at every turn of your website performance.
  • We WILL work hard to exceed your goals.
  • We WILL NOT sell you anything you do not require.
  • We WILL NOT promise you results that can not be achieved based on your budget.
  • We WILL NOT waste your time! If we don't feel a positive ROI can be made, we will not accept your project.

Will I get my money's worth? > Read More

The short answer is YES. Due to the type of industry we require a set budget to spend on your website every month, additionally we spend a lot our of time and expertise on every client to ensure their rankings and website are constantly being improved. That time and money is an essential requirement for your campaign to deliver on your targets, just like any other form of marketing. The difference being that SEO delivers one of the highest returns on your investment, placed well above radio, newspaper and TV advertising.

The websites appearing at the top of the search engines in your industry will already be applying SEO tactics and have likely outsourced this work to an SEO company. Some effective UK SEO companies charge in excess of £5000 per month and most of that will be going towards paying their central London rent costs and greedy profit margins! We offer all the professional and effective services but at excellent value.

So, now it's your turn to have the last laugh!

We know all the tips, tricks and strategies to catapult your website up the search engines. As for price, we're fully aware we're the best value online with an excellent record of customer service. Let us be your secret weapon and take the challenge to your competition.

What to do next...

How do I get started? > Read More

We'd be delighted to help you with your search engine rankings. You can expect a substantial ROI (Return on Investment) and the results are long term so you'll continue to receive traffic / leads / sales for a considerable length of time.

Click here for details of our packages & pricing.